Meet The Doctor

Our team is composed of eye health professionals who are dedicated to our patients. We will do everything we can to ensure you have a pleasant visit every time. We will answer any questions you have and also make sure your concerns are taken care of.

Our entire team is dedicated to education. We are constantly learning so that we can provide the highest quality care for your eyes.

​​​​​​​We want you to feel as confident in our staff as we are. We hope to foster this with every phone call and every conversation that you have with our staff. We are dedicated to always treating you with respect while helping you in any way you need.


Meet the Doctors


Dr. John Diering​​​​​​​

As a Doctor of Optometry, part of my commitment to my patients is ongoing professional education. As technology and the world around us changes, I must keep up-to-date, which then allows me to provide the best care possible for your eyes.

Dr. Valerie Longo​​​​​​​

Dr. Longo knows the magic of clear vision. Growing up, her favorite day of the year was when she received her eyeglasses or contact lenses and the once blurry world was clear and beautiful. It was an experience that would lead her to optometry, a profession where she could offer the same magic for others.

Dr. Longo completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of Scranton before going on and to earn her Doctor of Optometry from Salus University (formerly Pennsylvania College of Optometry).

During her training, Dr. Longo completed externship rotations at the Camden Optometric Center and Salus University Pediatric Clinic, gaining valuable experience treating ocular disease and diabetic eye disease in addition to learning critical skills for contact lens care and pediatric eye care.

Partnered with Dr. Diering, the two built Family Eye Associates to provide an unmatched eye care experience for their patients.

Dr. Longo lives with her family in Riverton, NJ and enjoys giving back to the community through the InfantSEE program. She loves cooking for her family and friends, spending time at the shore, and riding the rollercoaster of being a Philly sports fan.

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